What we offer


We offer worldwide support to governments and peace-keeping agencies to ensure the safety of troops and citizens.


Swoop in. Take out the enemy. Get out. No troops necessary. No friendly casualties. Our Autonomous anti-Personnel Systems (APS) do all the heavy lifting.


Control from anywhere in the world. Just program your target into the system and the APS do the rest. Attacks can be launched from any location and target any location. No global limitations.

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About us

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. We launched just a few years ago with our surveillance drones, and in this short amount of time, we’ve retooled cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, such as deep learning and convolution neural networks, into hardware systems that governments and peace-keeping agencies can use to keep their troops safe. No more sending our brave patriots home in coffins. Now the artificial intelligence does all of the work. Our autonomous weapons are small, fast, accurate, and unstoppable.

And they are just the beginning. Smart swarms. Adaptive adversarial learning. On-the-field robust target prioritization. AI-powered tactics and strategy a Go master would envy. This is the future of peacekeeping.